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We help people get out of PAIN and teach them how to stay that way

NO ONE cares as much about your PAIN as you do, UNTIL NOW


Have you become overly comfortable with the insurance-based medical model?

Have you been willing to restrict your treatment options to what is covered by your insurance plan?

Have you become HABITUATED to the Medical Spin Cycle © ?

Have you left your doctor’s office:

  • With medications that you don’t understand, or that do not fit your philosophy of Wellness
  • With NO cohesive treatment plan – hence no hope or plan for getting well
  • Taking little to no personal responsibility for Rehab and Recovery

(Here’s the tricky part: How can you take responsibility for an incomplete, uninformed model of treatment?)

And the worst part…

Still having PAIN/Discomfort – the source of your problem is not addressed, let alone resolved