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Back Pain by DrScott

In my generation of clinicians, we were taught

  1. Proper examination and assessment
  2. Develop a working diagnosis
  3. Tests-X Rays-Imaging should confirm what you already know

Not the other way around – Tests and images do not make the diagnosis, they should confirm the diagnosis

Medical care in the US has become a “Timed” business

Spinal exams are “time” consuming; therefore, do not compliment the traditional insurance-based medical model

Even though Pain is being used as a Vital Sign, not a subjective self-reporting symptom Private Practice and Family Doctors are being phased out and replaced by Primary Care Physicians Specialists, Surgeons etc

Primary Care doctors do not do comprehensive/diagnostic Spinal exams

80% of all non-emergency doctor visits are musculo-skeletal in nature

60%+ are NOT surgical candidates and can be resolved with proper non-medical, non-pharmaceutical treatment

Unfortunately, millions of people per year walk out of a medical office with non-pathological, unresolved back/body pain and discomfort, with no cohesive plan for rehab or recovery

At OTHA we see a need and we want to fill it

OTHA Memberships Courses & Community

  • Explain the disconnect
  • Provide tools and a Road Map

You can use NOW to

  • Talk to practitioners
  • Get answers
  • Feel better

(Y)our goal

50%+ reduction of pain/discomfort in 1-2 weeks

Controllable pain/discomfort with guidance and resources by the end of our course