Tandem Bodywork & Rehab

by Dr Scott and Tina


Inspiration Ι  Education Ι Collaboration



Over 60 combined years of personal and professional experience with

Injury Ι Rehab      Pre-Surgery Conditioning

Chiropractic offices     Courtroom Wins


Have you been told your tests and images are "normal" or unremarkable?

Are you are still experiencing unresolved Back/Body PAIN?

Do you suffer with unexplained Abdominal/Digestive PAIN/discomfort?

Has anyone actually TOUCHED you or examined you?

Our clients consistently say NO



Have you become overly comfortable with the insurance-based medical model?

Have you been willing to restrict your treatment options to what is covered by your insurance plan?

Have you become HABITUATED to the

Medical Spin Cycle © ?

Have you left your doctor’s office:

  • With medications that you don’t understand, or that do not fit your philosophy of Wellness
  • With NO cohesive treatment plan – hence no hope or plan for getting well
  • Taking little to no personal responsibility for Rehab and Recovery

(Here’s the tricky part: How can you take responsibility for an incomplete,

uninformed model of treatment?)


And the worst part…
Still having PAIN & Discomfort
The source of your problem is not addressed, let alone resolved!

OTHA can help

Find out NOW what YOU can DO

The Health "Care" system is broken - where is the dis-connect?

          (We are not saying Don't go to the doctor.)

Why People are not experiencing WELL-ness in a "traditional" Insurance-based medical model

          (Hint: Insurance - Doctors - Patients do not have the same goals.)

Why Holistic Health - a Natural approach should NOT be

"Alternative" medicine

 It's your body; educate and be PROactive!

Hint: 80% of patient ER/Office visits are Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal in nature.

Painful perhaps, but not Life-Threatening

Leaving 20% as pathological in nature, or best left to MD's, surgeons, specialists and hospitals

If you feel like you've tried everything

Or worse, you are doing nothing

Let us be a Tour Guide on

(Y)our Journey to Wellness