Abdominal Adhesion Therapy

Non-Invasive Non-Surgical

Have you experienced


Pain   Pressure   Bloating Discomfort?

Multiple surgeries  Trauma  Injury

Chronic stress?

Childbirth   Caesarian

Multiple births?


Bowel/Gut problems


Irritable Bowel Syndrome



Opioid-Induced Constipation?


Have you had


Multiple rounds of antibiotics

Pain Medications or Steroids


Other harsh medications?


How about


Extreme sports or Contact sports

Accidents  Injury or  Abuse

Heavy equipment operation?


All of these can cause Abdominal Adhesions

We can help


Have you been told that all tests are normal, nothing is wrong;

yet you still have persistent discomfort?


Some of our treatment modalities

Colon Tracing     Deep tissue massage

Lymphatic drainage

Trigger Point therapy     ART     and more…

Dr. Scott & Tina have over 60 years of combined experience

Many of our clients have experienced relief after years of discomfort.

This therapy is not new.

Practitioners through the ages have used and taught these natural techniques.