We help people get out of PAIN

and teach them how to stay that way

In simple terms

(Don’t worry, we have no shortage of complex anatomical, physiological words)

We un-stick things that are stuck
We release things that are tight

We tighten things that are weak, things that cause other things to work harder or ineffectively

Knowing when and where to do this – that is

the Art of Healing

That is the MAGIC of Tina & DrScott

aka T with DrScott

NO ONE cares as much about your PAIN as you do, UNTIL NOW

No matter what you research, read or study

There is one topic that is ALWAYS relevant

YOU    Your PAIN 

Your Rehab    Your Wellness

So you can get back to YOUR self 

It’s an Inside Job

How many hours in a week?

How many hours are you doing rehab?

The answer is usually, not enough

Our Sessions

  •    Passive bodywork
  •    Assisted stretching
  •    Active Release Technique
  •    Education
  •    Client participation

A typical session

Much of our work involves participation at some point during a session.

Whether it is assisted stretching, active release technique, or brief exercise of a weak area, the client has a role in treatment.

No Pain – No Gain is NOT our motto

But, don’t expect a La La-Foo Foo massage either.

The nature of our work is not painful.  Sometimes a stretch is uncomfortable before a release.