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Drug-Free Pain Management

Chattanooga TheraTherm Digital Moist Heating Pad for Temporary Pain Relief, Standard Size 14″ x 27″

MOIST HEAT THERAPY: Delivers intense, moist heat therapy which provides temporary relief from pain associated with arthritis, muscle spasm and inflammation caused by strain and tension.
WHOLE BODY USE: Intended for use on the back, shoulder, wrist, stomach, knee or foot; a Lockout mode protects against inconsistent changing of settings throughout treatment
FLANNEL COVER DRAWS MOISTURE: Includes a flannel covering which draws moisture from the air and as the heating pad temperature rises, the moisture is released onto the skin.
DIGITAL CONTROL: Features an easy-to-use digital hand control that allows you to program and monitor the temperature and treatment time.
PROGRAMMABLE TIME AND TEMPERATURE: Control the temperature between 88 and 166 degrees Fahrenheit (31 and 74 degrees Celsius) and select the duration between 1 and 60 minutes.


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