Information Overload

Does research about your Pain/Injury/Rehab scramble your brain?

Cyber land is HUGE!!!

Finding information is easy.  Application of that information is where the rubber meets the road

We distill as much or as little information as you can digest

Bite-size or binge

Eat & run or stay & savor


What we are

We are two people whose desire is to touch as many lives as we can before we leave this planet.


OTHA is creating a community and learning platform where people can find simple information and solutions for pain management, healing, and ultimately, well-being. In our experience, being competent and confident about our expertise is only part of the equation.

What we are not

We are not seeking to be “gurus” of anything.

We see a need and we want to fill it.

We overhear people everywhere we go, discussing their ailments, surgeries, botched surgeries, pain, injuries, doctors, medications, and more.

Sometimes we are able to connect, even for a brief moment. What we find is that people are starved for information about their body and health, information that they can understand and apply.

They are also touch deprived. Often, we find that people are willing to grant permission to enter their personal/social space, even in the middle of a crowded place, if they think we can help them to feel better. And we do.


We have expertise to share. We want to reach more people. This is why we want to expand our work online.

Our goal is to get you out of DATA OVERLOAD and on

(Y)OUR Journey to Wellness

OTHA Philosophy

OTHA, our Tandem Therapeutic Bodywork, began in 2013, although we first met around 1990.
We had our own businesses and families; yet, our common journeys began many years ago.

We both chose body work at a young age –  touching people with intention

With a goal of making a positive change

Each of us has personally experienced trauma, injuries and surgeries, so we are able to
work with clients in a very REAL way – beyond the textbook, and it shows.

Our Philosophy

We are each responsible for our health and well-being.

We do not choose our genetics but we CAN work with what we have.

It is not what the body looks like, but rather, how it functions.

If it works, leave it alone.

Rehab is not easy. It can be tedious and boring.

How many hours in a week?

How many hours are you doing rehab?

The answer is usually, not enough.

Our Role

Our role is asking important questions: Intake & Assessment.

We listen to complaints and also Find out what IS working.

Our goal is Education, Inspiration and Collaboration in all of our endeavors.

We dispel medical myths and partial truths that keep people from healing and recovery.

We also demystify medical terminology regarding diagnosis & prognosis

while sharing options for natural, non-pharmaceutical relief.