Dr Scott says

In my generation of clinicians, we were taught

  1. Proper examination and assessment
  2. Develop a working diagnosis
  3. Tests-X Rays-Imaging should confirm what you already know

Not the other way around

Tests and images do not MAKE the diagnosis, they should CONFIRM the diagnosis !

Back to BASICS

Treat the PERSON, not the FILE!




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80% of non-emergency doctor visits are Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal in nature.

Fortunately, most are not pathological or life-threatening.

Overkill: Many back-pain patients are NOT surgical candidates.

You can’t cut out PAIN

Client:     My surgeon says I need surgery.

Dr Scott:  Did you read the door?

PAIN & Discomfort can OFTEN be reduced/resolved with proper exercise/rehab and with

non-pharmaceutical treatment IF people are willing to do the work

Dr Scott:  How many hours in a day?

                 How many hours are you doing rehab?

Answer:  Probably not enough

Unfortunately, millions of people per year walk out of a medical office with

non-pathological, unresolved back/body pain and discomfort,

without a cohesive plan for rehab, hence no hope for recovery.


Private Practice and Family Doctors are being

phased out and replaced by Health Care “Providers“.

Primary Care doctors are minimally trained to do a comprehensive/diagnostic Spinal Exam.

They send out to Specialists and Surgeons


Pain is now being used as a VITAL SIGN, no longer a SUBJECTIVE self-reporting symptom.

What does this mean?

Blood pressure, pulse, respiration, temperature

are measurable, numerical – OBJECTIVE.

       PAIN is not objective; it is subjective!

Everyone’s experience of pain is different.


A work in Progress

OTHA Memberships Courses & Community

  • Explain the disconnect
  • Provide tools and a Road Map

That you can use NOW to :

  • Talk to practitioners
  • Get answers
  • Feel better

(Y)our goal IS our Promise

Significant reduction of pain/discomfort in 1-2 weeks

Controllable pain/discomfort with guidance and resources by the end of our course/coaching/consultation