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Most injuries/surgeries take 4-6 weeks to Heal

Rehab should start immediately.

Re-Injury restarts the clock.

Rehab can take longer depending on the severity of insult to tissues/organs.

Chronic pain patterns take time to trace and unravel.

We call it: Layers & Breakthroughs

Feeling better does not always mean that the issue is resolved. Some injuries and pain patterns take months or years to realize significant, lasting relief.

Our clients experience relief quickly. We foster hope and give them a cohesive plan for rehab and recovery.

Take advantage of the treatment package discounts. Give your body time to heal. Make a commitment to yourself.

Everyone needs bodywork & rehab

There is no one too young or too old to enjoy the benefits of therapeutic touch.

From newborn babies to 100+yrs old, there is no better way to communicate love and care. We are proud that many of our clients have entrusted us with their most treasured family members: infants, kids and elders.

Whether you have

  • a freshly sprained ankle (we drain it immediately)
  • a new knee or hip replacement
  • or you just twisted wrong while reaching in the back seat of your car

We are here for YOU

Our Clients feel better quickly! They stay to make long term changes and improvements.

Wellness Parties/Events

Let us come to your home or office for a day of Health & Wellness.

Whether you are gathering for an occasion, a holiday or for business, OTHA will bring a special TOUCH to your day.

Massage Table or Massage Chair, clothing on, casual or dressy – we can accommodate your setting.

15-20 minutes of therapeutic touch can work wonders on tight muscles, stress and fatigue.

Email for custom package/rates

7 + 11 =

Corporate or Office

Let your employees and colleagues know you care. OTHA will come to your office or event.

Give the gift of therapeutic touch.

15 minutes of professional touch reduces stress, improves circulation, increases concentration and productivity.

Regular bodywork treatment reduces stress-related illness; hence, lower absenteeism.

New Injury/Chronic Pain

$200 Assessment includes first treatment

$120 Session

$1000/10 session package (+ Travel )

*Some may qualify for sliding scale


(Medical Savings Account/Flexible Spending Account)

Luxury or necessity?

Bodywork and massage are not a luxury. Movement of fluid is a necessity for optimal health and well-being.

Exercise is great. MOVEMENT is paramount !

Bodywork increases blood-flow.

Blood-flow = healing

Massage moves lymphatic fluids which = elimination of toxins.