Tandem Partners

Tandem Partners

 Dr Scott Reidenbaugh and Tina Vesper

aka:  T with Dr Scott

We met over 25 years ago when Dr Scott had his chiropractic office and Tina co-owned an automotive smog and repair shop. We had our own lives and businesses.

Life changes brought us together in 2013.

While doing some events, we realized that when working together on the same client, a muscle/tendon/ligament would release quicker. It was profound for the client as well. This epiphany evolved into the magic of Tandem Therapeutic Bodywork, 4 Hands 1 Body.

Scott is a walking encyclopedia. Tina is an intuitive healer.

We are Health “Care” Anarchists

We are not Anti-Medical

We are PRO: Touch the Client – Examine the Patient

We are PRO:  Treat the PERSON, not the FILE !  

What we’ve found is that many people are not getting resolution in a traditional insurance-based medical model. 

It is our goal to help as many people as we can on their Journey to Wellness.


Tandem Partner

Tandem Partner

Dr Scott Reidenbaugh, DC has a diverse background in health and wellness.

Biology major, EMT Training/ER room, Lifeguard for the state of California – 5 years along the shores of North County San Diego, where he continues to save lives.

Dr Scott had chiropractic offices for over 20 years in Inland North County, San Diego. He has done trade shows nationwide, promoting an FDA approved Electro-Muscle Stimulation device, as well as a back-pain decompression device.

An expert in

Biomechanics –  Anatomy  – Accident Reconstruction

as well as a

Back Pain Specialist – a solid foundation for performing expert court testimony for personal injury and worker’s compensation cases for over 15 years.

As a Champion swimmer, water polo player, and surfer, water has always been his natural element.



In his best physical shape at age 24, a driver side-swiped Scott’s car 

Relocating a telephone pole

Sending him partially through the windshield with his car seat strapped to his body

Bolts torn from the floorboard

Steering wheel crushing his chest and ribs

Guardian Angels were present

No one knows how he got out of that car or how he was found sitting outside of it

It had been his dream to complete his training for Air & Sea Rescue for the Coast Guard

The laws of physics changed his course of action


This story went largely untold for decades. Tina was a long time patient in his office since 1991 and did not hear his story until 2013.

Dr Scott’s comment: It’s not about me.

With Tina’s encouragement, it is now a regular part of the client therapeutic process because Dr Scott’s story lets people

Know that HE knows what it is like to do intensive rehab after trauma.

He saw 22 practitioners on his Journey.

A father of four, he has a nurturing, energetic spirit.

His desire is to educate clients and practitioners – to mentor those who want to learn

Old School Teachings that WORK !


Tandem Partner

Tandem Partner



Tina attended school for massage therapy at age 24, although she could be found massaging the shoulders of day camp counselors as early as 11 years old.

She walked the isle for a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in American Indian Studies. Her coursework included Research in Neurological Psych and Physiological Psych. She even performed rat brain surgery and the rat lived!

She has done Medical Assistant training in order to perform insurance paramedical exams, including phlebotomy and portable EKG.

She co-owned a smog and general repair shop for over 16 years in North County San Diego.

Fertility was her friend: 4 boys in 2 1/2 years (including twins) and the fifth son making 5 sons in 5 years. She is proud to be a Mom.

Some devastating life events include a 6 year divorce, losing a business and two homes. She was determined to thrive, not only survive. Stress and overwhelm tried to prevail but she was determined to remain positive, and to never stop learning and helping others.

She offers her knowledge and expertise with gratitude for her guides and healers, including Dr Scott, who kept her going during tough times.

She is a writer, a singer and a lover of nature and animals. She is proud of her choral background at CSULB under Frank Pooler, mentor to the Carpenters. 1983: Tour of Australia/New Zealand 60 concerts in 52 days, including the Sydney Opera House.

She has been called a gentle, passionate soul. She is Native American from Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe in Nevada.

Our clients

Our clients

Equal partners

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life.

We see client cases that would never be seen in a spa setting.

Our mobile work allows people to get well in the comfort of their own homes. People let us get up close and personal because inherently they know that we know what it takes to navigate rehab and get well.

The majority of our client base is through word-of-mouth referrals.

We always welcome new clients.

Our long term goals are to expand our community online and to create Client/Practitioner Education and Conference/Retreats as we build our Holistic Health Center on Sacred Tribal land.


Maya crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 5-16-22

Maya was a tri-color piebald, 3 lb. Mini Wiener dog. She was  16 years old.

Hemp CBD had eliminated her seizures, which were so intense one day in 2017 that any Vet would have put her down.

For 12 hours, we slammed her with CBD oil, stretched her spine, and Dr Scott adjusted her neck.

She recovered over three days and was nearly seizure-free after. She used to be so finicky. After CBD she ate like a super-sized pit bull. Well, she would have, if we let her.

When Mama Tina was under-the-weather, or sad, Maya laid on her neck.

A Digital Era

Although we promote oral tradition and hands-on, therapeutic touch, our goal is to create an online community to reach more people in need.

Education Inspiration Collaboration

Creating a safe place where clients and practitioners can learn together.

Thinking outside the bod

Finding our Tandem work was a surprise for both of us. Dr Scott loved his solo work, although at times it was lonely.

Not many people do what we do. Tandem massage in a spa setting is usually about relaxation or couples massage. For us,the results of working on two ends of a muscle/tendon/ligament are profound.

Two practitioners are able to positively confuse a clients body into releasing.  Sneaky, but effective.

Problem Solvers

Sometimes we must toot our own horn.

What we do works.

Our approach is Pro-Active.

If you wait for referrals or MRI’s to start the process of Rehab you miss the window of time to reduce swelling.

This results in prolonging the process of healing & recovery.

Best of both worlds

We balance our medical background with a natural approach.

Anatomy Physiology Neurology Biology Nutrition

We are about MOVEMENT

Blood in – Blood out – Lymphatic drainage

Impeccable Examination +

Assessment skills + Intuition = OTHA

Old School Teachings that WORK!

There is much to appreciate about Dr Scott

He is smart. He is curious.

He will not let a problem or inquiry go unsolved without detailed questioning and research. Whether it is a passerby or a paying client, he spends time with people to explain, illustrate, and educate.

Dr Scott is a rare and exceptional practitioner. The world needs more people like him. Tina wants to ensure that his Oral Traditions are passed on for those who have a seeking spirit and a desire to learn the ART of Healing.

It brings joy to watch the faces of clients when Dr Scott’s assessments bring an epiphany, a new sense of understanding, and hope.

Our work

Tina is proud to work side by side with Dr Scott as part of our Tandem Therapeutic team. It is her desire to capture his unique perspectives and expansive knowledge on paper, on digital recorder, video, conference, seminar and eventually, in our BLOG:  T with Dr Scott